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Have we met before?

I consider myself a well-rounded vascular doctor.

I deal with the diagnosis and management of patients suffering from atherosclerotic arteriopathy and venous thromboembolism.

Non-invasive vascular diagnostics is my passion and also my strength, the sectors in which I have ventured are many. I am attracted to novelties, especially if they provide useful information for therapeutic decision-making.

I enjoy taking care of patients and discussing what we have learned with my colleagues.

I believe in the strength of the group, which with optimism and ambitious goals is able to face any challenge to help others and feel gratified for their work.

Do you want to pursue your dreams and work every day while having fun?

Follow me, but don't take me too seriously! Life is too short not to laugh about what happens to us every day ..

The important thing is to make a small difference every day, right?

diego tonello
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